Routine maintenance is like a physical for your car.  Each car's maintenance schedule varies based on the manufacturer.  Refer to your owner's manual or call us to determine a routine maintenance schedule.


Included would be items such as:


-Oil Changes

-Tire Checks for pressure & wear

-Fluid Levels

-Belts & Hoses



The electrical system is the nervous system of your car.  The newer the car the more electrical components it has.  Lights, warning signals, even your radio runs off the electrical systems.  


If you experience "glitches" like , your check engine light is on; dome light won't shut off; your power seat won't adjust, etc. Call us for an appointment.



The steering & suspension components are the joints and muscles of your car.  Common components include ball joints, tie rods, control arms, etc.


We check these components at all oil change and state inspection visits.